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BDSwiss Group Completes Client Survey Initiative

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Global financial services provider BDSwiss has completed a major client survey, in partnership with Edelman, a leading communications company, and its research department, Edelman Data & Intelligence. As a result, we can now reveal insights into how our clients from the UK and Germany – two of our biggest markets – view us and our competitors. We did the survey with Edelman in part because it’s highly renowned for its annual Trust Barometer, and to gain an honest and independent appraisal of our performance and reputation as seen by our clients. Moreover, as a gesture of goodwill, to encourage participation in the survey, and in a bid to raise awareness of broader issues that extend beyond trading, we donated €5,000 to the International Red Cross, with whom we have a long-standing commitment to its causes. 

Our goal is to provide all our clients with an outstanding trading experience and customer support, which entails offering the most popular trading instruments with low latency and strong client services. The results of the survey have given us extensive and deep insights into how almost 1,300 of our clients in the UK and Germany see us, as well as how they rate us against more than a dozen of our major competitors in these markets.

The positives

– Seven out of 10 clients are “largely satisfied” with our service while around 60% described their relationship with BDSwiss as “excellent”. 

– A total of 73% of our clients feel that BDSwiss meets their expectations with regards to reliability, stability and transparency.

– Long-term commitment: seven out of 10 said they were likely to keep using BDSwiss over the next three years.

According to our survey partners, Edelman, BDSwiss scored highly (72 out of 100) on its proprietary net trust score, especially among our UK clients. Researchers also found BDSwiss scored particularly highly on its agility and adaptability to market conditions while maintaining service integrity regardless of market volatility. This is a point we are particularly proud of, given our commitment to ensuring our clients experience the highest server dependability and lowest latency in the industry.

On a competitor basis, the research showed that BDSwiss is widely trusted with around 80% of respondents judging BDSwiss to be trustworthy. In fact, BDSwiss outperformed 14 of its competitors in the retail FX/CFD space, when our clients rated how they trust us over and above them.

Room for improvement

Aside from the positives, there’s room for improvement – and that’s what our survey showed. Our research team discovered that BDSwiss can improve on dependability, i.e. keeping our promises to clients and our partner network. We must embrace change and become more personal, collaborative and innovative to maintain our strong growth multiples to date.

A significant number of clients would like to see closer communication and more resources provided to them at opportune times during the trading day. Also, there was a strong appetite for BDSwiss to provide an even greater selection of educational resources, as well as more interactive content and more practical advice.

We found that around 20% of survey respondents felt dissatisfied with an aspect of our service offering. Despite scoring comparatively better on customer satisfaction than most of our peers, we are not content that one in five clients encounter problematic services at some stage of their relationship with BDSwiss. Reducing this number to zero is one of our top priorities and an initiative you may be hearing more about in the months to come, so stay tuned.

Taking action

Considering the survey results in their entirety, we intend to reinforce our commitment to innovation and delivering avant-garde products and services that lead the industry.

In conclusion, our survey initiative indicates that service quality and customer support are critical aspects of the client-broker relationship. As a company, we must innovate and improve not just what we are offering, but also how we are delivering our market-leading services.

It’s clear that our clients crave human interaction and collaborative working methods including face-to-face communication, and a more personalised experience in all aspects of their trading. This includes more efficient support mechanisms if clients experience logistical difficulties.

We trust our clients’ views of us, and we’re committed to delivering what they expect, as both a collective and as individuals. We are working on delivering a more personalised service to help our clients achieve their trading goals and we’ll be making further announcements in due course.

BDSwiss makes every effort to continually improve its service features and operations, so we’re always appreciative when existing clients share their ideas, suggestions and recommendations with us. Share your feedback by emailing us directly or by visiting our online Support Hub.


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