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BDSwiss Launches Cybersecurity Awareness Campaign

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As a financial services group of companies, BDSwiss has consistently invested in the latest cybersecurity controls and protocols. However, following the COVID-19 crisis and with legions of employees pivoting to a work-from-home environment, companies offering online services had to ramp up their cybersecurity efforts to ensure the protection of their information systems and client data. Having adopted a dynamic approach that includes technology, processes, and procedure, BDSwiss’s cybersecurity crisis management response went far beyond system hardening and regular audits. BDSwiss latest cybersecurity awareness campaign focused on educating clients on how to adopt better online practices and behaviours that can help them keep their accounts secure. 

While BDSwiss employs some of the web’s top-grade security and encryption technologies to protect its client data, the security of each individual account ultimately lies with the individual. Acknowledging the importance of educating clients on the ways in which they can help keep their accounts secure, BDSwiss’s latest cybersecurity awareness campaign sought to encourage the adoption of a number of key online security practices including the use of secure networks and unique passwords, and highlighted the importance of using email authentication and activating the one-time password (OTP) functionalities on the clients’ desktop and mobile MetaTrader platforms.

Password Security

Fostering security consciousness, BDSwiss has consistently sought to educate clients on the importance of maintaining strong password security through unique passwords and two-factor authentication (2FA). BDSwiss clients can use 2FA both on the BDSwiss Mobile App and on their MetaTrader desktop terminals by activating the one-time password generator on the MT4/MT5 mobile app. In its efforts to protect client accounts from unauthorised use, BDSwiss has also recently introduced an additional email verification step after several failed login attempts or when clients log in from different IP addresses.  

Phishing Scams

Remaining firmly committed to protecting its client’s personal data, BDSwiss regularly informs clients of any reported phishing attempts, and maintains an Abuse Warning archive of unauthorised websites that have been unlawfully using the company’s trademarks and logos in an attempt to trick clients into sharing their login details.   

Online Safety Practices

As part of its cybersecurity awareness efforts, BDSwiss also regularly updates clients on how to identify and report phishing scams, how to increase network security,  how to monitor their account activity, and how to practice safe browsing habits.

For companies like BDSwiss, digital transformation and the rapid integration of new technologies including cloud adoption, SD-WAN and the IoT, have revolutionised the financial services landscape, but they have also created a strong imperative for the adoption of comprehensive cybersecurity frameworks that include prevention, detection, defence, and the promotion of online security literacy. BDSwiss commits to continue investing in cybersecurity, ERM protocols and security awareness initiatives that further enhance its cyber defences.

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