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Can I deposit using a corporate credit card/account?

If the funds are deposited through a corporate/business card then:

If you are the director and sole shareholder: The deposit can be processed, after supporting documents have been provided. Supporting documents include an extract from the Business Registry confirming the sole ownership and directorship and shareholder structure, your verification documents and copies of the used card. In case of a withdrawal, the funds must be sent back to the same card account as that which made the initial deposit.

If you are not the sole owner of the company or are just an authorized person acting on behalf of the company: The deposit can be only processed if you proceed with the conversion of your individual account to a corporate BDSwiss account and if you did not fund your account using any other payment option/account. The procedure for the creation of a corporate/business account is outlined here: Can I open a Corporate / Business account?
Alternatively, we can only accept a deposit if you provide a Company’s BOD, signed and stamped by the Board of Directors, acknowledging the deposit made.

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